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Melissa, blogger of Oracle Fox is anything but ordinary.  Her soul is sure something to notice.  Coming from Aussie, this blonde haired beauty has a style that tries to be copied, but is never duplicated.  Everything nature is put into her daily outfits, along with spunk and edge.  Her blog is just the same. Posting pictures of not only herself, but inspiration for her lifestyle makes me want to reconnect with mine and do some soul searching. 

So, the real question is…What is my style?  Does it descend back to how I was raised? Coming from an Italian  family, does that mean I must wear Armani or Gucci?

Or does my style come from Annapolis, Maryland where my family resides now…boat shoes and all? 

Style is a funny thing.  One outfit can be loved by one and hated by another, but what exactly makes it fashion forward or trendy?  My beloved vampire inspired RVCA shirt is a prized possession, but Donatella Versace would kick it to the curb in an instant. 

I think style comes from your present life. Your visuals, passions, thoughts, friends, curiousity to try new things…everything that you feel defines yourself all mixed into one pot.  Your daily outfit comes out of what your mood is and what you will be adventuring that day. 

John Fairchild once said “‘Style’ is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma.  Fashion is something that comes after style.”

and to compliment Fairchild’s thoughts, Gore Vidal proceedes with “Style is knowing who you are, and what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

here’s a sneak peak into my soul searching

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Finally there is a new way to shop online.  Different.  Thrilling.  Personal.  Google recently developed a website called  This is not like any other online clothing shop.  This website has many different functions.  It will survey you to match your style.  It has a wide variety of celebritiy styles and looks that you can choose from.  Say you admire Nicole Richie’s style, welp it will hand select items that follow Richie’s looks.  Pretty neat.  Check it out for yourself!

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Paris, Milan, NYC, LA…DC?

When you think of our nation’s capital everything but fashion comes to mind, but one must give DC a bit more credit.  DC may not have a Fifth Avenue or a Rodeo Drive, but they do have a fashion week.  Designers coming from all over the globe from NYC to New Zealand and Belgium, this can be associated with Milan’s week.  The fashion designers take the nation’s capital by storm. 

You may be asking yourself, does DC even have fashion icons to follow?  Welp, look back through the history books.  Jacqueline Kennedy had a huge style impact in DC.  Being the First Lady to the 35th President, John F. Kennedy, she made sure she was not in the shadows of her husband.  Bringing couture to the White House, Jackie wore American designer Oleg Cassini along with French designers Dior, Chanel, Givenchy and many more.  You cannot forget her classic pillbox hats. Celebs now a days still look to her classic elegance when choosing their daily outfits.

A more recent First Lady that the fashion world has been dressing is First Lady Michelle Obama.  There has been much controversy over her outfit choices and she has been constantly compared to previous First Ladies, especially Jacqueline Kennedy.  Michelle definitely does a different twist on her choices for her style.  For instance, some of her more trademark looks that have the public watching is her choice to go sleeveless.  Some others are cardigans, belted looks and her big, bold jewelry pieces.  Also, choosing younger designers rather than the masters of fashion have been new and different for the world to see.  Most First Ladies have been dressed by Oscar de la Renta , but Michelle has yet to have a fitting with him. 

Both of these women, along with many others have helped shape DC into not only the nation’s capital, but an up and coming fashion district.  Between DC Fashion Week and the Government’s fashion statements, DC is the new place to be. 

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Mr. Ford

I’m sure his days of creative director for Gucci are an immediate ring in your head when Tom Ford’s name is said.  Ford has been in the eye of fashion for decades.  The newest rumor in the land of publicity is that Mr. Ford (how he likes to refer to himself now) will be designing a line following Lanvin for H&M.  When I read this back in November my blood started pumping faster.  Could it be true?  I could only imagine the ruffles, hem lines and color palletes hand chosen by Ford himself for this collection.  I get butterflies just thinking about it.  Let’s cross our fingers that this unbelieveable rumor could have some fact in it.

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Birth of a Supermodel

small town girl  no more. Haley Mcbride, a Saint Augustine, Floida native has been no where near good ol St. Aug the past few months.  Now residing in Paris, France, this up and coming superstar has been posing for European magazines and designers.  Getting in with Vogue has been the break through for this red headed surfer.

Not only is she talented in front of the lens, but behind it as well.  The recently new sunscreen company, Sun bum Sunscreen asked Mcbride herself if she would be the photographer for their first advertisment.  I and a few other friends of mine were fortunate enough to be her models for the shoot.  Mcbride has incredible talent and passion for life like no one else I have met.  She has quite a future ahead of her.  Look out for her in Fashion week! I’m sure that will be her next stop.

all pictures are copyright of Haley Mcbride and Glamour magazine in Greece

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War of the Weddings

The world will be stopped in time watching two specific weddings, but which one will top the other?  Both being highly exclusive, it will be interesting to see what A-List celebs will get an invite.  From the locations to the flower arrangements, these weddings will be the most anticipated and watched of the upcoming 2011 year. 

Both Naomi Campbell and future king of England, Prince William will be exchanging vows to their loved ones. 

If you kept up with Naomi’s over the top fortieth birthday bash, you know the wedding will be nothing but small and intimate.  Naomi will be marrying Russian billionare Vladislav Doronin.  The world will be keeping their eyes and ears open for further details and arrangements. 

Prince William and future wife to be, Catherine Middleton has been the most watched couple since the announcement of thier engagement.  Not only Europe, but the entire world has been watching every move they make from bachelor/bachelorette parties to their wardrobe.  They have quite some shoes to fill from the last royal wedding in 1981 when Prince William’s parents, King Charles and the late Princess Diana Spencer tied the knot. 

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Friendly Fashion

I’ve come to notice that people do true soul searching throughout their college years.  Not only do they mentally change, but their style can change as much as their outfits during the week.  Here are some of my favorite people who’s style can be claimed their own.  They may spice it up every once in a while, but the originality and taste of their pieces express their souls.

Meet Morgan.  This beachy girl is from good ol NJ and proud of it. She maintains the beachy look by not only her blonde locks, but her fresh boho styles. 

Michael is a Mary Kate fantaic and for good reason.  His style is just as crafted as hers.  Going outside of the box and trying new things, (Old men glasses and ugly sweaters) he makes everything both madness and chic. What could be better?

Kelley is a hot mama from South Florida.  Shes a beach girl at heart, but deep down her inner punk is something to explore.  Her style ranges from punk to beach…and somehow she pulls it off.

Florien (Flo) is my European fashionista.  Coming to me from Soest, Holland, she brings not only her baby blues, but her European flare to the land of the free.

Victoria is the definition of Miami. wild, crazy, insane in the membrane..whatever you want to call her, shes got miami rushing through veins, along with the style.

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What to Expect

With snow on the ground, you must still remember Spring is right around the corner…here are some key pieces that you can start thinking about for the next season.

Remember when clogs made a comeback?  Welp, another one bites the dust. Strappy sandals are up and coming this spring/summer 2011.

Oh Jimmy Choo, How I love you.

70’s are still going strong with the boho chic look.  Dresses that flow down your legs, high waisted pants and elegant blouses will be on the runways at top designer shows.

Biker clothing should not be ignored when shopping for your spring goodies.  Keep in mind the leather detailing and rough chick look.

Punk fashion will be making another season spunky.  Studs, heavy boots and yes, safety pins will be appearing.  Remember, don’t over indulge, simplify your look with these details. 

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Trends throughout this year

This Autumn/winter we have had a blast from the past with the collections of all top designers along with some extra trends most people wouldn’t think of. 

60’s silhouettes make a statement with hip hugging dresses hemmed below the knee and also full circle skirts.  These looks were being strutted down the runways of fashion week. 

70-s groovy high waists, wide legs, soft loose blouses and flowy dresses give off a sophisticated look this past season.

Green is not just for the military anymore.  Designers from Marc Jacobs to even the surf company, Quiksilver made military styles look sleek and trendy.  Using the color pallete of different greens and detailing jackets and boots with brass buttons, zippers, etc. this look has been seen season after season.

Victoria isn’t keeping her lingerie a secret to other designers very well.  Designers have been making the “barely there” look into everyday wear. Laced shirts, sheer dresses and sexy tights allows sexuality to play with feminity. 

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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